Things to do in Nearby

  • Salt and fresh-water fishing charters (for salmon, halibut, crab, trout)
  • Whale watching and eco-tours
  • Kayaking secluded coves and inlets
  • Wildlife photography (bald eagles, deer, bears, beaver, seals, whales, orcas, seabirds and more)
  • Scuba Diving expeditions
  • Heli-adventures
  • Guided harbour and ancient island tour
  • Museum and local art galleries
  • Hiking trails and waterfront strolls
  • Live theatre in our world class Performing Arts Centre and interactive theatre
  • Luxury yacht cruising
  • Special events and native celebration

The Museum of Northern British Columbia is located in a North Coast longhouse on the waterfront overlooking the harbour. Experience the spectacular exhibits, which date back to the last ice age. You will be able to view ancient artifacts, artwork as well as other exhibits. The Museum of Northern BC offers daily tours such as evening performances, a Heritage Walking Tour and Archaeological Harbour Tour.

The Kwinitsa Railway Station was a station located on the Grand Trunck Pacific Railway. There were 400 identical stations built in 1911. Today only 4 exists. The Kwinitsa station was moved to Prince Rupert in 1985 from its original location 45 miles east of Prince Rupert to save it from being demolished. The station has now been restored to its original state, and has become a museum, which is now located on Prince Rupert’s beautiful waterfront. The museum features the agent’s office with telegraph equipment, kitchen & pantry. There is also a living area and freight room/bunk house.

Place is located on the scenic Northwest Coast of British Columbia. It is located on Kaien Island, which remains mostly untouched. As a result many areas remain natural and gives a perfect opportunity for hikers. Three trails are located just 6km east of Prince Rupert. They include Butze Rapids, Tall Tree and Mount Oldfield trails. You may enjoy the scenic beauty as you ancient trees such as cedars, fir and spruce trees. Bring along a camera to capture the natural beauty of the area. More experienced hikers may enjoy hiking Mount Oldfeild as well as Mount Hays.

North Pacific Cannery Museum (NPCM) is a national historic site. NPCM was built in 1889 and is BC’s oldest surviving salmon cannery. Today the cannery is a historic site and museum. Located only 30 mins from Prince Rupert you can visit the cannery museum and enjoy a tour. During the tour you will be able to see old canning lines, model railways and fishing displays. You will also be able to walk through the village where workers and their families lived. Live shows at the museum illustrate the way of life of many First Nations, Japanese, Chinese & European workers and their families that lived there during that period in time.

Historic Cow Bay has become one of Prince Rupert’s most attractive areas for shopping and relaxation. This sheltered bay was once the area where mother Killer Whales could be seen nursing their young, is now a charming marina with moorage for yachts and fishing vessels. The boardwalk joins picturesque shops that offer a wide variety of food, gifts, and clothing. It also provides two bed and breakfasts for those who would take advantage of the breathtaking view of the waterfront. And a neighbourhood pub with a deck overlooking the water for those who care to relax while enjoying the flight of eagles and the design of starfish. The aesthetic and serene area of Prince Rupert is also the sight of art galleries providing the likes of many different tastes. An actual studio where local native designs are carved and painted is offered, as well as art reflecting the nautical theme of the city. Cow bay is a delight to any visitor as well to the local residents.