Things To Check Your Hotel Room For The Moment You Walk Inside

Hotel room

When we are on tour we are bound to be tired at the end of the day, and we really do not care about the condition of the hotel room, and we just drop ourselves to the bed and wake ourselves to a terrible mess. Only then do we realize that we should have gone through all of the things or at least had someone check the place for us in order for it to be perfect, Just in case you do not have anyone to help you here are seven simple steps to do before you fall asleep.


Check for any bugs and cleanliness of the place.

Make sure you lift your bed and your blank and through them and as the surface is always white you will be able to find if there are any bed bugs and if you do feel they would not have gone through they look clean then spray it with some insecticide which the chaffers will give as soon as you ask, and spray it on the cot and underneath the mattress. If your mattress is not white in color, set it against the light and check it and then spray it with insecticide,

Cleanliness of the room.

Check the cleanliness of the room, feel underneath the cot with rubber gloves and on top of the cupboard in order to check for any dust or dirt this should do be more than sufficient.


Clean comforters and well-stocked minibar:

Before you fall on the bed to sleep check the comforter for discolored patches or blotches left by the previous occupant who might be contagious and if you might see its outcome in the morning and it might be too late for you to realize it then, thus check the comforters before you go to bed. And also check if your minibar is well stocked just in case you might be thirsty and might need a drink in the night.

Check the temperature of the room.

Make sure that you check the temperature of the room before you go to bed, then you wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night and all sweaty or feeling very cold and then having your sleep disturbed you might find it difficult to go back to sleep.

Check for the cleanliness of the bathroom

Make sure that you check this place very well else you would have to walk into a dirty bathroom  in the morning and destroy your mood for the rest of the day, and also make sure they have kept new toiletries, you can check it by placing it against the light and checking it for the quantity of the bottle and also how clean the brushes are.

Check the emergency exit.

Make sure that all the gotos’ in case the case of emergency is working properly and there is no glitch found thus you will follow the right procedures even when aroused from the middle of your sleep.

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